A music promotion agency specialized in getting your music out in the market.


Launched a single recently? Not doing so well? Allow us to analyze what went wrong and let us fix it for you.


Planning to drop an album? Not sure where, when and how? We will do all the hard work for you and make it easy. Contact us today!

A new track is released online every 40 seconds, how is yours any different? Mic Drop understands, analyzes and promotes your music in a way that it stands out and nothing comes close to it.


Drop The Mic

Mic Drop's sole existence is to make your music go places where you can't imagine. Period.

Getting in the Charts 100%
Going Viral 100%
Research and Analysis 80%
Marketing 70%

Music Promotion Agency

We combine music and marketing to help you reach your audience better on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Shazam and YouTube.

  • YouTube Views, Likes and Subsciberes
  • iTunes Plays and Purchases
  • Spotify Streams
  • Shazam Plays